Seven women scientists who changed history honoured at last

Espace pour la vie is proud to present nobELLES, an exhibition by multidisciplinary artist MissMe and the Planétarium, honouring seven women scientists whom history has deleted.

Their journeys calls us to reflect on various issues that women—especially women in science—are still facing today.


The work of these seven scientists has revolutionized their respective fields of expertise at a time when the mere fact of being a woman in these sectors was a revolution in and of itself.

Yet their names, like their careers, have remained in the shadows.

This exhibition celebrates Lise Meitner, Jocelyn Bell, Katherine Johnson, Vera Rubin, Mary Jackson, Donna Strickland and Emmy Noether and their discoveries worthy of a Nobel Prize, which they never received.

Above all, it invites visitors to reflect on the gender issues still present in science and technology today.

World-renowned Montréal artist MissMe puts her art and convictions at the service of these seven women.

She uses pencil, charcoal, paint and cut-outs to create powerful portraits.

For nobELLES, she also played with words: “When you considerer representing someone, the image you create virtually turns into an icon.”

“I think it would be a disservice to these women to represent them only through their physicality. To add words to their faces is to give them a voice […] I felt this produced a more accurate, respectful portrait.”

MissMe’s highly modern visual language brings these women of science to the forefront, where they rightfully belong.


nobELLES is also an eight-episode podcast that profiles each of these scientists and explores some of the challenges they faced along the way.

An eighth episode is dedicated to MissMe, her journey and her artistic approach.

Designed, produced and hosted by Lili Boisvert, nobELLES, the Podcast leads listeners to think about topics such as tokenism, controlling the emotions of women in the public space, the impostor syndrome, and resilience—themes explored with a range of specialists.