Live! Casinos deploy the QCI Enterprise Platform at three of their locations

QCI Enterprise Platform deployed at all three Live! Casinos

Quick Custom Intelligence (QCI) and Live! Casinos announced the successful deployment of version 5.2 of the QCI Enterprise Platform at their locations in Maryland, Philadelphia, and Pittsburgh.

Version 5.2 enhances the award-winning QCI Platform with the automation of operational tools that become a central part of the daily management of a gaming facility, allowing for strategic discussions fueled by accurate data models and industry-leading reports.

Thoughts from the executives

“Since we started using QCI earlier this year, I have found it to be a standout when it comes to Casino CRM programs. It provides some of the best centralized metrics for player worth, hotel profitability, free play reinvestment and more.”

QCI Enterprise Platform deployed at all three Live! Casinos

“My casino host engagement has been strong because they find QCI easy to navigate and helpful in executing their contact strategy with their VIP players.”

“In addition, I find the dashboards incredibly helpful when delivering player analytics and host performance reports to our senior leadership,” said Tom Tuchschmidt, Vice President of Casino Relationship Marketing for Live! Casinos.

Dr. Ralph Thomas, CEO of QCI, stated “Live! Casino’s adoption of the QCI Enterprise Platform is proof of the importance of having a dynamic host management tool to effectively manage a dynamic gaming organization such as Live! Casinos.”

“We collaborate daily with the 1,800 player development professionals using our host tool to constantly add features and functionality for ease-of-use.”