Monarch Gaming launches QCI’s AI Algorithm to improve its user gaming experience

Monarch Gaming uses QCI's AI to improve the guest experience

“We, at Monarch Casino & Resort Inc., have always placed guest satisfaction at the core of our operations. Ensuring an exceptional gaming experience is paramount to us.”

“For this, we have been making extensive use of QCI Slots’ customer-centric tools to optimize and enhance this experience.”

What QCI brings to Monarch Casino’s portfolio

“We believe that their innovative approach has greatly contributed to the overall satisfaction of our guests,” said Steve Ringkob, Corporate Director of Slot Operations, Monarch Casino & Resort Inc.

“Thank you, Steve Ringkob, for endorsing our commitment to our customers and recognizing the value that QCI Slots brings to your operations.”

“We were honored to have been chosen by Monarch to be their business intelligence partner,” commented Andrew Cardno, CTO of QCI.