Honghe, China hosted the Experience Yunnan Life International Youth Tour

Honghe, China hosted the Experience Yunnan Life Youth Tour

From June 6th to 9th, the “Experience Yunnan Life” International Youth Tour was held in Honghe, Yunnan, China. The event was organized by the News Office of Honghe Prefecture and the International Communication and Development Center of the China Foreign Languages Bureau.

Influential youths from around the world, including China, Russia, Germany, the United States, Vietnam, and Thailand, visited Honghe to immerse themselves in the local culture and write stories about their experiences through field visits and tours.

What Experience Yunnan Life offered

Honghe Hani and Yi Autonomous Prefecture, located in southeast Yunnan Province, is named after the picturesque Honghe River.

Boasting three national nature reserves, four wetland parks, and two forest parks, it is known as China’s first “natural oxygen bar province” with a pleasant climate and pristine ecological environment.

Liu Ailing from Thailand admired the breathtaking scenery of Honghe, saying, “I’m amazed by the lush greenery, and abundant trees and flowers. The scenery of Honghe is very beautiful.”

Honghe, China hosted the Experience Yunnan Life Youth Tour

At Yilong Lake National Wetland Park, international youth influencers used their cameras to capture the coolness and romance of the moment, as well as the serene beauty of the full pool of lotus flowers and the summer atmosphere.

In Yuanyang County, they beheld the awe-inspiring terraced fields, witnessed the breathtaking sunrise, and wandered among the enchanting mushroom houses nestled deep within Azheke Village’s terraces.

Also, they learned traditional songs from the villagers, savored the simple joys of nature, and experienced the unique harmony of forests, villages, terraced fields, and water systems, praising Yuanyang’s Hani terraced cultural landscape as a Chinese-style world wonder.

The international youth explored the 1200-year-old Lin’an ancient city, traversing its aged stone paths and admiring the marks of time on the village’s bridges, wells, and pagodas.

They also delved into the history of Shiping County by visiting its county and railway museums in the ancient village.

The year 2023 marks the 10th anniversary of the successful application for UNESCO World Heritage status for the Honghe Hani Rice Terraces.

To celebrate this milestone, the “Experience Yunnan Life in Honghe” international cultural exchange and Honghe Hani Rice Terraces carnival was held as part of the series of events.