The 2023 HOBIE Open Regatta event hosted in Weihai City, China

The 2023 HOBIE Open Regatta event was hosted in Weihai City

From June 10 to 11, the 2023 HOBIE Open Regatta Weihai China was successfully held in Weihai City, where 40 HOBIE teams from China’s 13 provinces as well as five countries and regions participated.

After two days of competition, the Wanning Dream Team from Hainan secured the championship in the Open Class, and the Dache Team from Hong Kong topped the Master Class.

What the HOBIE Open Regatta offers

The HOBIE Open Regatta Weihai China is an international HOBIE sailing event hosted by Weihai City, and co-organized by the International HOBIE Class Association, Chinese Yachting Association, Shandong Administration of Sports, and Weihai Major Sports Event Organizing Committee.

It is held annually on the second weekend of June. Athletes including Ye Wei from Guizhou Shenlan 1988 Team and He Hui from Wanning Dream Team are among the first group in China to compete in the HOBIE World Champion through their participation in Weihai.

The 2023 HOBIE Open Regatta event was hosted in Weihai City

Many participants believe that participating in the HOBIE sailing event in Weihai where the sport was introduced into China is not only nostalgic but also ceremonial.

After years of development, sailing culture has taken its root in Weihai. Weihai City currently has 476 various types of ships, and 16 registered entities that operate sailing and other marine sports, with over 4,000 sailing enthusiasts cultivated here cumulatively.

The HOBIE Open Regatta Weihai China has now developed into a boutique sports tourism event in China, one of Shandong Province’s top ten high-end independent IP events, and a key sports tourism project.

Meanwhile, the 1st Weihai Marine Sports Carnival was held in Weihai City by the organizing committee, with 17 marine leisure sports such as sailing, windsurfing, paddle board, and motorboat launched. By doing so, more citizens and tourists can participate in these sports and feel their charm.