Xinhua Silk Road: Gao’an Museum becomes a popular attraction

Gao’an Museum, an east China-situated thematic museum for blue and white porcelains of the Yuan Dynasty (1271-1368), is becoming a popular attraction for citizens from near and far.

Great history

The museum, also called Gao’an museum of blue and white porcelains of Yuan Dynasty, is the first one named after the unique and rare china of the Yuan Dynasty in the world.

Currently, the museum has 19 exhibits of blue and white porcelains from the Yuan Dynasty, ranking the first nationwide and the third worldwide.

Located in Gao’an City in Jiangxi Province, east China, the museum is widely considered as an enjoyable place to appreciate the charm of the Chinese blue and white porcelains in around 700 years ago.

Generally, blue and white porcelains from the Yuan Dynasty have been one of the most sought-after porcelain types by collectors in the past decade because of their rich picture composition and scarcity.