Simon Prosser shares fitness, food and favorites ahead of second ascent of Manaslu

Fifty-six-year-old adventure athlete, Simon Prosser, is training to face his second attempt at the 5-mile high Mount Manaslu, the 8th highest mountain in the world, on September 1, 2023.

What is expected of Prosser’s second ascent?

Sponsored by the physician-formulated supplement maker, 1MD Nutrition, and powered by their clinical-dosage MoveMD, CardioFitMD, BreatheMD and VisionMD formulas, Prosser is sharing his expedition with journalists, along with the most effective fitness tips, foods and products that help him summit.

The ascent is part of a plan to climb four Nepalese mountains to raise money to eradicate Age-Related Macular Degeneration (AMD), with the 29,032-foot-high Everest being the final challenge upcoming May 2025.

Simon Prosser
Simon Prosser

After crushing the Lobuche summit in April 2021, he faced a near-death situation on Putha Hiunchuli only 5 months later. He was forced off Manaslu in October 2022 due to poor weather conditions.

What is Prosser’s day like?

  • Breakfast: “15 minutes before food intake, I have a scoop of 1MD’s CardioFitMD daily superfood powder. My breakfast consists of granola mixed with oats and some almond or oat milk along with 1 capsule of BreatheMD, MoveMD, and VisionMD.”
  • First Lunch: 100 grams of rice, potato or pasta with approximately 150 grams of chicken, turkey or fish accompanied by vegetables.
  • Second Lunch: “This consists of 100 grams each of rice and either chicken, turkey, or fish. I often add some fruit, and take my 2nd MoveMD and BreatheMD with this meal.”
  • Last Meal: “I eat after my second workout of the day and it’s light; usually one banana with almond milk, chia seeds, whey protein and a scoop of CardioFitMD.”
  • Snacks: En route to base camp, I eat PowerBar’s Energize bars; they are high-quality nutrition. I also like to have oat cookies or bars like the IKEA Kafferep Oat Biscuits or Nature Valley’s Oats N’ Honey with me on the mountain. As we move on to higher camps, most professionals use PowerBar’s Power Gels.
  • Supplements: “For workout regeneration, I take MoveMD, CardioFitMD and Essential Elements Hydration with ACV.
  • Water Bottles: “On the trail and up to base camp we use lightweight drinking bottles with large screwable tops. Beyond that, we also use dual-walled bottles that keep water warm. My favorite brand is Hydro Flask.”
  • Footwear: On route to base camp without rain, snow or irregular terrain, lightweight shoes are best. I use Salomon Xa Pro 3D shoes. When the ground conditions change, I switch to a sturdier boot: namely the Lowa Alpine Expert II GTX.
  • Socks: I favor the Darn Tough sock made of Merino wool. For summiting, we indulge in a thicker $100 pair and we donate them to locals on each trip.