Kaamala Resort pampers honeymooners with special perks

Kaamala is the best resort for relaxing, accompanied by views of beautiful green valleys and surrounded by rice fields. This resort differs from the others because each decoration contains local Balinese elements in the form of wood and stone carvings. Kaamala provides a choice of 4 attractive room types.

Executive take

“Not only being pampered with the green scenery of Ubud, which is thick with beauty and suitable as a healing place.” said Gratika, Marketing Branding Manager of Ini Vie Hospitality.

“Now Kaamala Resort is pampering honeymooners with special and different special perks while you stay here. Starting from the moment, you come to this resort, besides being greeted by a very friendly representative team.”

“At the same time, you wait for the check-in process, you can also enjoy all-day snacks in the lobby area. Of course, it will be perfect to be a tired antidote after a day of traveling around Bali.”

“Continued when you enter the room, you will be greeted with flower decorations on the bed with the words “Hello.” Not only that, as long as you staycation here, of course, you will not feel bored.”

“In addition, a smart room based on voice recognition is integrated with Amazon Alexa to help with activities in the room. Alexa can also accompany you to play your favorite music while dancing and singing. For you box office movie connoisseurs, you and your partner can rest while watching Netflix to accompany your relaxing break.”

Exceptional amenities

You shouldn’t worry because Kaamala provides super-speed wi-fi facilities, which may serve as your work companion without connection issues. Other than that, if you need to wash your cloth during your holiday in Bali,  Kaamala also has a free self-laundry that certainly will help your needs.

Moreover, there is a complimentary minibar snack that includes soft drinks and a variety of different refreshments, and a free breakfast with a selectable menu.

To maintain your health, you can access the 24 hours of gym facilities. A free sunset cocktail is perfect for enjoying the sundown in Ubud, unwinding at a hammock and infinity pool with a stunning forest view, at 4.30 – 5.30 PM. If you need to relieve the hangovers, this resort provides hangover kits.