How two female entrepreneurs are redefining the lake travel industry

Two Virginia entrepreneurs say a stroke of serendipity and the faith of a revered colleague led them to the business opportunity of their dreams. Now Andie Gibson and Jennifer Church are taking the project – – to the next level to honor their friend and associate Brian Raub, who died of duodenal cancer in 2021.

“Brian and his wife Lisa were true internet visionaries who created LakeLubbers in 2007 when they moved to Smith Mountain Lake,” said Gibson, who has made her home at the same lake in Southwest Virginia for nearly 30 years.

“The website is an incredible resource with in-depth reviews of more than 2,000 lakes and reservoirs worldwide.”

Extensive industry expertise played a part

Following Raub’s diagnosis, the couple set out to find new stewards who would continue the site’s mission to enthusiastically promote lakes to tourists and those considering making a lake their permanent or second home.

“Andie and I have both lived on lakes the majority of our lives and are passionate about lake life,” Church said.

“It’s an extraordinary opportunity for us to combine our extensive knowledge and appreciation for lakes with our skills and experience developing successful websites in the travel industry.”

Gibson and Church, partners in G&C Ventures, LLC, previously developed, a website that assists travelers in finding cheaper alternatives to on-site parking at 130 airports across the United States and Canada. The site was acquired by industry leader Airport Parking Reservations in 2019.

What visitors can expect from the new site

After nearly a year of work behind the scenes, G&C Ventures recently unveiled a new version of with a more functional, powerful and attractive interface.

In addition to a sleek mobile platform, the restructured offers:

  • A dynamic search function to easily locate information on 1,644 lakes and reservoirs in the United States and 2,151 worldwide
  • In-depth lake reviews that include detailed descriptions, history, statistics, weather, specifics on fish species, maps and recreational activity summaries
  • An innovative tool that makes it easy to find, compare and book a variety of lake accommodations, including vacation rental homes
  • Roundups that allow users to compare interesting facts for every state such as largest lakes by acres and volume, deepest lakes and lakes with the longest shorelines
  • A robust blog full of exciting destination guides, travel planning tips, excursion inspiration and product reviews
  • An online shop with lake-themed apparel, drinkware and home décor items that buyers can personalize

There is phase two

In the coming months, Gibson said LakeLubbers will launch phase two of the site, which will include contracting with additional travel partners that can offer complimentary products and services to its customers, as well as introducing full-scale advertising options.

“In addition to site-wide advertising, we’ll soon offer lake-specific options so businesses such as restaurants, wineries, breweries, hotels, marinas and real estate companies can reach customers making travel planning and lake relocation decisions,” Gibson said.

“We’ll also integrate innovative options for lake vacation rental homeowners and property managers to easily and affordably market their properties.”

For more information, contact Gibson at

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