Chengdu Panda launches a list of selected tourist routes

The Global Investment Conference for Chengdu Panda International Tourist Resort was held in Chenghua District, Chengdu, China on February 19, 2023.

Tourism trade associations join in

This conference brought together representatives of tourism trade associations from Chenghua’s international sister cities and more than 100 countries and territories, as well as guests from more than 100 leading businesses in the industry.

These include; Shanghai Bailian Group, Fosun Holiday (FOLIDAY), InterContinental Hotels Group (IHG), Wyndham Hotel Group, Sasseur Group and Shenzhen L&A Design, who attended the event via video or in person to jointly draw a blueprint for common development with the resort.

Industrial plan and investment oportunities cast

Focusing on a Paradise for Giant Pandas and Cultural Tourism, the positioning slogan of the resort, the conference had three well-planned components, i.e., “Embrace, Project and Open” and released the resort’s industrial plan and list of investment opportunities for 14 categories of major projects, selected tourist routes, dance drama Giant Panda, and promotional song Home of Pandas.

This conference fully showcased the resort’s great potential and exciting vibrancy, giving a strong boost to the effort to bring onboard more global high-end resources and build a world-class leisure tourism resort.

Participating businesses and guests believe the giant panda is a Chinese brand much loved by people all over the world and an important bond for international communication.

They remarked that this conference drew the attention from the industry and beyond, and gave the world a full idea of Chengdu Panda International Tourist Resort as a Paradise for Giant Pandas and Cultural Tourism.

The representatives and guests have high expectations for the resort. It’s the right time to invest here!