AceVolt supports eco-friendly camping with LiFePO4 Campower

The planet is in danger; environmental problems caused by alarming carbon emissions and unmindful plastic waste are getting more and more worse with each passing day.

Standing in such grim circumstances, California-based outdoor gear brand AceVolt is encouraging campers to opt for eco-friendly camping travels with the help of “green” non-toxic resources and tools.

Eco-friendly LiFePO4

The company has developed  a state-of-the-art eco-friendly LiFePO4 battery-powered portable power station, Campower, that assures clean and green camping power supply.

In an exclusive interview, Chris, the Chief Product Officer of AceVolt, remarked that plastic pollution and fossil fuel-generated traditional electricity are two of the major causes of spiking levels of carbon emissions today.

Escalating levels of carbon emissions are leading to dangerous emission of greenhouse gases which is eventually jeopardizing the planet and its inhabitants.

To combat the problem, people need to proactively adopt “green” measures in all aspects of life, including camping. And the eco-friendly AceVolt Campower is designed with care to help campers adopt green camping holidays.

Executive take on the product

“With the environmental problems getting worse than ever, it’s about time for every camper out there to practice and advocate eco-friendly camping trips,” stated Chris.

“One of the first things a camper should discard in order to ensure a green camping lifestyle is plastic tableware. Single-use plastic is one of the most dangerous pollutants, causing harm to the earth and also the marine animals.”

“By discarding plastic and switching to eco-friendly tableware like Areca leaf or bamboo plates, we will be able to reduce plastic landfill waste as well as conserve the life of marine animals,” said Chris.

Speaking on, he stressed that they have strategically used the LiFePO4 battery for their Campower portable power station because of its eco-friendly composition.

Backed by the LiFePO4 battery, the AceVolt Campower also assures less waste on the environment. It’s because the cutting-edge lithium battery promises 2,500+ charge cycles (compared to mere 500 of Li-ion batteries) which enables it to assure long product lifetime for Campower and hence less waste.

It’s about time to practice an eco-friendly camping lifestyle to protect the planet. Green camping can be achieved through no use of plastic tableware, removal of garbage from campsites and use of eco-friendly camping portable power stations like AceVolt Campower.