What to expect from the travel industry in 2023: Trends and predictions

The year 2022 has been a recovery era for the travel industry. The post-covid year brought about more confidence and loosened restrictions in the travel industry as opposed to 2020 and 2021.

While some European countries still imposed restrictions upon entry, such as demanding proof of vaccination in 2022, many other countries have returned to their former entry model before the global pandemic.

However, it is statistically inevitable that 2023 will be filled with new modifications to make the traveling space much more conducive. Up to 90% of travelers are less likely to face restrictions except if their country is penalized for some reason.

According to American Express, Lonely Planet, and Travel + Leisure, the UK, France, Portugal, Mexico, and Germany are cited as the countries likely to receive the most visitors in 2023.

Jill Walker, a Director of Distribution at eviivo, also confirmed a rise in bookings and interest in these areas.

2023 Travel Trends and Predictions That Can Make a Big Difference

The COVID-19 restriction is almost gone, and most countries are now back to the pre-pandemic model of travel and entry. However, the trends are rapidly shaping how countries interact with one another in the global space.

As a traveler in 2023, note that a few trends should cause a slight twist in how movements are being made. A list of examples includes:

Travelers Are Not Holding Back

Experts predict the post-covid era to experience high demand in travelers across the globe. Several people are eager to share the feeling of stepping on a different soil again, which COVID-19 restrictions temporarily prevented.

While leisure travel and tourism carry the most significant proportion, business travel is also expected to be on the rise since the ‘work from home’ trend is gradually fading in the workspace, and many are returning to desks.

Evolving Travel-tech

Traveling around the world by air, rail or road has continued to receive several turn-ups from mobile phone apps. Travel corporations confirm that mobile applications and software have continued to make bookings from travelers much easier than in the past years.

It is about to get even better in 2023 as travelers now keep faith in AI by using chatbots and maintaining contact with virtual agents, amongst several others.

A survey conducted by eviivo in August 2022 revealed that many travelers had developed confidence in booking their stay via online booking websites, and some others use OTA (Online Travel Agency).

Most hotels now have applications through which travelers can secure a room before arrival.

Airline Fee Is Not Reducing

About November 2022, the average price of a flight ticket was about $280. In 2021, it was pretty higher, and now experts predict that the rates may remain as high as they were.

However, the reason for the continuous hike in the price of flight tickets is based on a few factors, such as:

  • High Demand

The year 2023 is also the post-covid period. People now have the confidence to travel anywhere without fear of being infected. The desire of people to recover from the lost pleasures they couldn’t have during the COVID-19 restrictions has increased dramatically, causing a high demand, particularly in the airline sector, hence the increased price.

  • Shortages of Staff

Airports were also affected on the bases of employment during the COVID-19 pandemic. Pilots, airplane mechanics, and general staff recruitment became a significant setback.

However, while this issue has almost been addressed, it’s still contributing to the hike in flight tickets this year.

LGBTQ Travellers Will Still Be Glared At

Culture is certainly not ubiquitous. The western model of the marriage of the same sex may not be universally appreciated. While traveling is for everyone, not everyone may pass by without looking back at two same-sex lovers walking majestically down the airplane staircase, hands intertwined.

Additionally, while the different national laws still impact the visitation and movements of LGBTQ persons, a few places have been considered safe for LGBTQ persons in 2023.

Amongst the lists are Sydney in Australia, Cabo San Lucas in Mexico, Orlando in Florida, Sonoma in California, Hong Kong in China, and New Orleans in Louisiana.

Cryptocurrency: the new legal tender

One out of 20 travelers now uses digital coins as a mode of payment which has prompted the travel industry to adapt with time. At the same time, it is fantastic to see how trends changed the whole scenario.

It is even more inspiring to see how firms and travel agencies are rapidly accepting crypto as a mode of payment. Before now, ‘fiat’ currency such as the dollar, pounds, euros and points were used as the only payment for flight tickets, hotels and trips, but that has changed last few years.

Research carried out by Insider Intelligence revealed that an increasing number of adults are now using BTC, Ether and other coins as legal tender. The cashless economy is gradually shifting into the travel industry.

What used to be valid for investments and trading has gained more ground, making it convenient for the payment of tickets. And as a crypto owner in 2023, you can efficiently pay for your travel trips.

Bottom line

Eventually, the 2023 travel trends will take over, and those who have seen the predictions beforehand will easily find their way as they would have known what to expect.

And whereas the travel sector might have been a slow burner when it came to adaptation, the effects of the pandemic have undoubtedly changed the landscape. Travel is heralding several trends that wouldn’t have been considered before the pandemic.

Pearce Kibaale is a freelance writer, content creator, and Editor-in-Chief of Trip Dhow.