2023 China Liyang tea festival and Tianmu lake tourism festival opens

The 2023 China Liyang Tea Festival and Tianmu Lake Tourism Festival, themed “Pursue Qulity Liyang & A better life”, kicked off in the Jiangsu Province city of Liyang on April 10.

The opening ceremony

At the opening ceremony, Ye Minghua, Secretary of the Liyang Municipal Party Committee, delivered a speech, inviting visitors from all over the world to visit Liyang and experience the wonderful humanistic, ecological and peaceful environment, and share in the city’s easy-going lifestyle while taking in the area’s many outstanding achievements.

The easily accessible Liyang is known for its long and rich history, alongside its traditions that have been handed down through the generations. Liyang has historically been a place that has attracted eminent poets and scholars who have left behind a treasure trove of popular poems and writings.

The Liyang Tea festival

Every nook and cranny of the land bears a profound imprint of the awe-inspiring spirit and determination of its inhabitants. Surrounded by natural beauty at all times of the year – the majestic mountains, flowing rivers and lakes, and picturesque farmland, the city is an ideal place to enjoy “fragrant flowers for ten miles” in the spring and a snow-bedecked wonderland in winter.

In addition to Liyang’s peaceful and happy living environment, Liyang is also thriving due to local government policies that foster quality-driven growth, reflected in a city that is full of vitality, innovation, entrepreneurship, and a welcoming spirit. The city offers a favorable environment for investment and business.

Thoughts from the executives

Mr. Ye said that he looks forward to Liyang forging closer ties and collaborating on new projects with new and old friends via the two festivals. Tea, a drink that is often shared with likeminded people, is representative of the shared growth opportunities on offer for a better future.

The two festivals serve to facilitate not only the quality-driven growth of the city, and the expansion of green development throughout the surrounding region, but also contribute to the success of the region’s roadmap for growth.

The launch ceremony witnessed the signing of several major projects with the local government. Since the beginning of the year, Liyang has focused on the theme of “building a quality city” by mobilizing local communities to leverage its advantages, in an effort to build an environmentally-friendly outstanding city in southern Jiangsu with a strong commitment to exceptional performance.

The 2023 China Liyang Tea Festival and Tianmu Lake Tourism Festival will run for a month. With the successful conclusion of the opening ceremony, the exciting and diverse lineup of events that follows is packed with activities that are sure to have something of interest for everyone.