15 unique places to stay in the Netherlands

The Netherlands is one of the quirkiest countries in the world. After taking a look at all the unique places to stay, you will know why. Although it is home to several trademark cultural treasures, there is a lot more to the Netherlands than its capital, Amsterdam.

Best places to stay in the Netherlands

From the picturesque new complexes in Amsterdam to the antique construct in Maastricht, Netherlands abounds with so many unique housing opportunities worth exploring.

The Netherlands boasts a flat landscape of sparkling canals, windmills, and a host of cycling routes that make it a true cyclist’s paradise. From designed hotels to hostels and camps, Amsterdam has a lot of unique places to stay you can choose.

If you love a good adventure, then you want to find something different to get your juices running.

Average rate of a hotel in Amsterdam

Staying in Amsterdam for about 7 days will cost you an average of $2,038 if you’re a solo traveler, $3,804 for a couple, and about $7,131 for a family of four. The average rate for a night in a hotel in Amsterdam is about $109 while most vacation rentals go for about $280-$590.

Amsterdam has some of the most costly hotel rates. The high cost of accommodation is driven principally by a crowded tourist population and the demand for affordable accommodation. Many of Amsterdam’s hotels are already booked beyond any given week, irrespective of the season.

Unique places to stay in the Netherlands

Stay in a houseboat, lighthouse, tram carriage, or even an airplane. Where do you plan to stay on your next Netherlands trip? From traveling with family, friends, or your special partner, something is awaiting you on this list!

This will inspire you to discover interesting places to stay in the Netherlands. Here are the best unique places to stay in the Netherlands for you!

Faralda NDSM Crane Hotel

Faralda NDSM Crane hotel is one of the best places to stay in the Netherlands. The crane is a significant part of the Netherlands’ history. It is built from a renovated crane that was built in the 1950s as part of the industrial harbor for the Royal Dutch Steamboat Company. Yes, it’s an actual crane located on NDSM island.

Although the renovation was done in 2016, the unique hotel has quickly become famous as one of the most luxurious hotels in the Netherlands. The Crane Hotel offers only three luxury suites with beds positioned so high up you will be mesmerized by the sunrise and sunset.

The highest luxury suit called the Mystique room has Asian-inspired furnishings and décor. It stands at an impressive 45m above ground.

There’s a Jacuzzi and bungee jump on the top floor where you can have a unique experience unlike any other hotel experience in the world. Crane hotel offers an out-of-this-world hideaway for couples and vacationers alike making it one of the unique hotels the Netherlands has to offer.

Tip: Always keep an eye out when booking, Faralda NDSM Crane Hotel organizes themed dinners and music events all year round.

Amsterdam Houseboat

Amsterdam is known for its elegant bed & breakfast (B&B). The houseboats are often located within the metro and are easy walking distance to shopping areas. If you are looking for something unique, secure yourself a place at one of Amsterdam’s houseboats.

You will relish a unique overwater experience in a stylish vessel moored at the heart of the Dutch capital a few moments away from famous local landmarks.

Westerdok25 is one of the hip places in Amsterdam. The boat is unknown to most tourists making it quite a catch. It has only one double bedroom which makes it a quirky pick for couples and solo travelers.

Better yet, it is the starting point for your deep dive into the Dutch capital’s culture. You can easily access the Van Gogh Museum and other major attractions within the city. The vessel’s vintage charm, cozy décor, and wooden interior will give leave you wishing you could stay for a lifetime.

Prisenboot houseboat is a bigger Dutch houseboat with a modern interior and enough space for families or couples and two outdoor spaces including a private balcony and a rooftop terrace.

The interior is comprised of a bedroom, living area, bathroom, and kitchen. It is the best location to enjoy a midafternoon drink while boat-watching with your better half. Prisenboot is also conveniently located near Amsterdam’s best attractions.

Hotel Euromast

Do you enjoy the thrill of heights? If yes, this is the perfect destination for you. Live the high life with your head in the clouds (literary) in this exclusive suite set on one of the highest towers in Holland.

The Euromast was designed in 1960 for the year’s Floriade making it the highest structure in Rotterdam at about 100 meters. A few years later, another building took the title leading to the decision to increase the building’s height by 85 meters. It is not the highest structure at the moment.

The Euromast offers two suites tower over Rotterdam at 185m with a balcony that is so high up you will feel like you are in the clouds. It is one of the best hotels in Amsterdam for couples located only a few minutes from the beach.

If you are a couple that loves adventure, it also offers abseiling and cable gliding at an extra cost. One of the rooms has a spa bath and the other a walk-in rain shower, you can never go wrong with your choice.

13th-century Medieval Castle in Oostkapelle

It’s pretty awesome to be able to stay in a castle Netherlands on a budget. At Stayokay Domburg, you can book a room in a 13th-century medieval castle turned fancy hostel on budget.

The medieval castle is located in Kasteel Westhove on the edge of a nature reserve a few minutes’ walk to the southernmost peninsula of Zeeland’s coast. This area of the coast is known for receiving the most hours of sunlight in the whole of the Netherlands.

The fancy hostel offers both luxury and budget options both within the main castle and in the two carriage houses for groups with mixed and private rooms available. You can have a house within a castle in the private family rooms that can sleep up to six people or opt for a slot in the 8-bed dorm.

The castle has a stately garden at the back that gives the feel of royalty where you can explore and simply savor the feeling of being amidst nature. When you are not taking advantage of the castle grounds, get a rental bike from the hostel and explore Zeelland’s beaches and the surrounding charming coastal towns.

If you are looking for where to stay in the Netherlands countryside, Stayokay is one of the best destinations.

Windmill in Onderdendam

Windmills are popularly known as Netherlands’ most iconic structures. Whether a windmill is functional or simply beautiful, it is a sight to behold. If you are looking for cool places to stay in the Netherlands, spend a night at the Molen Hunsingo windmill.

You not only get to see the inside of a windmill but stay in one too. Molen Hunsingo rooms are a perfect combination of the windmill’s heritage and character and modern amenities that will make for a comfortable stay.

It offers unhindered views of the village and the canal in the mill’s converted storage area which will most probably be your room. It is one of the unique stays on Netherlands Airbnb.

Be sure to enjoy a meal at the Restaurant de Molenaar which is located on the windmill’s ground floor. The restaurant offers a “surprise menu” that is always built around seasonal fresh ingredients and they are careful to check for preferences and dietary needs first.

Your stay in a windmill Netherlands cannot get any better than this.

Private Plane Suite

Vliegtuigsuite is by far the most spacious plane you will ever board. It is not just any plane; it is a luxurious plane suite designed for two on a retired airliner.

You will find a sitting area, flat screen TV, bedroom, kitchenette for those midnight snacks, and additionally a high-end bathroom complete with a Jacuzzi tub, large shower, infrared sauna, and a spa bath.

The bathroom might surpass an entire first-class section on a regular plane! There is also a private raised terrace through the original emergency exit that offers clear views of the runway at Teuge Airport.

On arrival, you are served sweet treats for breakfast and in-suite breakfast with coffee, tea, fresh juices, loaves of bread with toppings, croissants, and yogurt.

The is located in the middle of Apeldoorn, Deventer, and Zutphen giving you an endless array of quaint streets to explore cafes, and shopping opportunities.

A Futuristic Caravan in Texel

Looking for where to stay in the Netherlands with family? Getting a feel of what future camping might be like at Camp Silver Island Hide Away on Texel island may be a great idea.

Kids often get bored with nature getaways so parents need to find places that will allow everyone to enjoy fun family time and being away from home, this site is the perfect middle ground.

Its shiny aluminum-clad airstream caravans are designed like little spaceships landing in the Texel island fields. The rooms are equipped with a luxury bed, bathroom, free WiFi, flat-screen TV, and underfloor heating.

The kids will not want home comforts. Some caravans are furnished with a private sauna if you do not think underfloor heating will be enough. The meals are prepared using local, organic products and served in the saloon where you can also find a coffee corner, reading tables, and access to a courtyard garden terrace.

You can rent a bike for a small fee and explore the villages on the island including De Waal, Den Burg, and Oosterend or you can ride 10km to the Dunes of Texel National Park.

Camp Silver Island Hide Away is among the unusual places to visit in the Netherlands.

Harlingen Lighthouse Hotel

Are you looking for a staycation the Netherlands has to offer that is beyond the ordinary? Enjoy a secluded time with the love of your life at this unique location with a wonderful view of Harlingen.

A view of the breathtaking city from the top of the Harlingen lighthouse will leave you swearing the popular Dutch words “Dutch pick my most beautiful side”. The atmosphere is romantic and calm which gives you plenty of time to enjoy time together.

In 1998, the light in the lighthouse was officially extinguished bringing its initial duty to an end. It had been in service for over 75 years. The lighthouse became redundant for some years until it was turned into a one-bedroom hotel.

It is spacious, and luxurious, and has retained its nautical theme over the years. You will find modern amenities like a CD unit, TV, a beautifully equipped bedroom with a comfortable handmade bed, and an entire floor for the gigantic bathroom.

Tip: Travel light if you are going to live at Harlingen Lighthouse Hotel because you have to uncover 80 or more steps, some of which are steep.

Hotel Not Hotel

Hotel Not Hotel has a unique, unusual, and unforgettable vibe. It is located in Amsterdam, a 20-minute ride from Dam Square by tram. The hotel takes the community feel of a hostel and adds exclusively designed rooms to create something special.

Each room has a special individual feel that makes it different from the next making it one of the unique stays in Amsterdam. The hotel has clusters of tiny themed rooms behind secret bookcases, in old tram cars, and many more interesting themes.

While some design hotels tend to give you smooth and modern vibes, Hotel Not Hotel Amsterdam takes the whole design prospect to the next level.

There are bigger rooms for groups but couples and solo travelers can always try to snatch up a tram car or an old Volkswagen and enjoy one of the most unusual stays on the Amsterdam neighborhood map.

Hotel Not Hotel can also be found in other locations in Rotterdam.

Inntel Zaandam

Inntel Zaandam hotel boasts an impressive façade with a lively fusion of various traditional cottages from the Zaan region. The interior reflects the rich history of the Zaan area with adornments of traditional products, the pioneers of local craft industries, and families that made the area famous worldwide.

The hotel provides a mix of tradition and modern-day comfort. Inntel Hotel Amsterdam feels like a home away from home. If you are not interested in taking an Amsterdam city center holiday, you can opt for the Inntel Zaandam hotel.

It is located 12 minutes to the Amsterdam Central Station by train and close enough that you can travel to Schiphol airport in less than 20 minutes.

Sweets Hotel

The uniqueness of Sweets Hotel Amsterdam remains unmatched. The hotel has 28 bridge houses across the city making it one of the best hotels in the red-light district of Amsterdam.

The bridge houses are located along the city’s canals in the form of mini houses. Each of the mini houses fits a maximum of two people so they are best for couples and solo travelers.

Originally, the bridge houses were meant for bridge operators who kept the capital city’s canals running but they are now open for business. Each house has a double bed, free WiFi, and other facilities and some houses are bigger than the rest. With 28 houses to choose from, you’ve got there’s enough space to explore your options.

The stylish Nieuwe Amstelbrug bridge house in the De Pijp neighborhood is quite popular amongst visitors for its proximity to Dam Square. These tiny houses are part of the cool places to stay in Amsterdam.

Steal away with your loved one and enjoy some alone time in these unique accommodations.

Romantic Teepee with a Wood Burner

Have you been searching for the perfect nature getaway the Netherlands has to offer? Pack your bags and head to Limburg for a romantic weekend for two. Ven-Zelderheide, Limburg is a cozy Sunfield Tip for two with private sanitary facilities, a cozy interior with a chesterfield sofa, a wood stove, and a large box of spring.

This Airbnb gem offers all the comfort you could wish for in a home with an isolated space where you and your lover can enjoy a wicked romance away from the rest of the world.

The teepee turns into a fairytale when night falls and fairy lights illuminate the glamping tent creating an otherworldly romantic scene.

Hotel V Nesplein

Want to stay in a boutique hotel in Amsterdam close to the city center? Hotel V Nesplein is located as close to the city center as you can get with all the luxury hotel extras to make your stay worth the while.

A massage, dining experience, and relaxing in a designer room are some of the things you can enjoy at the hotel. If you are looking for something luxurious, your biggest option is the suites.

They are all uniquely designed. The budget options are also cozy and beautiful.

Hotel V Nesplein was once an office block and looks quite simple on the outside but once you step inside, it’s a new world in there. You are welcomed into comfort and beauty in one of the most convenient places to stay in Amsterdam.

The Student Hotel Amsterdam

The Student Hotel is a designed hotel with a new hospitality concept that brings together student accommodation, hotel rooms, co-working, meetings, and events.

Whether you are a couple looking to go for a weekend getaway, an ex-pat arriving in the Netherlands, an international worker, or someone simply looking for an extended escape, there is something for you at the hotel.

The Student Hotel Amsterdam is within 20 minutes walking distance of the city center, 5 minutes by subway, and 8 minutes Oost (East) towards the bars and restaurants.

You can explore the city center and all its hotspots on foot or using public transport since the Wibautstraat metro station is located right outside the hotel. Entertainment, restaurants, and clubs are also plenty in the neighborhood.

The hotel offers suites with a flat-screen TV, a fitness center, a library, workspaces, and a café. People from all walks of life go to the Student hotel for different reasons. If you love a diverse environment, you would love to stay in this unique hotel.

Tree House in the Archterheok

If you want to have always dreamed of living in a tree house, the Netherlands is the perfect destination for you. There are so many tree houses in the country that you could book but the Goldsworthy treehouse in Achterhoek is probably the most beautiful of them.

It is located in the small town of Halle, Gelderland in the far East of the country. The tiny house is built on top of a mighty oak, hanging off the oak with no fixed connection to the ground.

A staircase for entering the Treehouse unfolds when you lower the door with a rope and the trunk of the oak is at the heart of the Treehouse with branches running through the house.

It is fully equipped with a toilet, hot water, electricity, a fully equipped kitchen, a shower, and a large comfortable bed. The rustic look of the house, the branches from the tree, and the deco all give it a pretty awesome vibe.

It’s a beautiful place to enjoy some quality alone time. The owners, Andy and Miriam single-handedly built the unique tiny house in their horse pasture and you can find it amongst the listings on Airbnb.


The Netherlands is one of the quirkiest places ever. Whether you are a newlywed couple, a group of friends, an entire family, or a solo traveler looking to encounter some adventures and spend your nights in some of the most creative and unique places in the Netherlands, there are several places you can go.

Our list is not exhaustive and sometimes, the best way to find the quirkiest of destinations is through the locals. Now you are ready to start your journey into this significant undertaking. Visit our blog to see more adventures you must experience.

Pearce Kibaale is a freelance writer, content creator, and Editor-in-Chief of Trip Dhow.

Pearce Kibaale, Editor-in-Chief of Trip Dhow