Keep the fun going: The Top travel credit cards for 2023

Travel credit cards are lifesavers in the travel industry, particularly for frequent travelers. This program has enabled several travelers to cut the cost of trips, making travel much cheaper than once thought. It is made possible by redeeming points and cashback after several subscriptions and payments.

However, as a frequent traveler, ensure you select credit cards that only give value in cashback and redeemable points. The idea of having the best credit cards enforces competition between different credit card companies to optimize their services to the best level. Here is why you have several diverse credit cards to pick from.

What Is a Travel Credit Card?

Unlike a regular credit used for most financial transactions, a credit travel card is more subjected to the custom movement of people from places.

A travel credit card allows you to make extra cashback and points during travel. A travel credit card gives you hotel points, airline points, and other points that can be earned as cashback whenever you make a transaction, and they can be transferred for the comfort of the traveler.

However, the idea of a travel credit card didn’t happen overnight. A brief historical background is attached to it. For more clarity, below is a brief history that brought about the invention of a travel credit card.

According to historical records, the travel credit cards used in this age were first invented in 1934, when American Airlines introduced the ‘Air Travel Card.’ However, as the invention improved travelers’ lives, its functionalities were upgraded.

What Are The Top Travel Credit Cards in 2023?

Now to the big deal. As I have written earlier, competition has entered the market of travel credit cards as different companies push for their best. Without further hassles, below is the list of the best travel credit cards this year, 2023.

Capital One Venture Rewards Travel Credit Card

Capital One Venture Rewards credit cards are ranked one of the best travel credit cards travelers can have with them to pay for all the necessary fees when the need for it comes.

This excellent credit card can only be most suitable for travelers who can do an annual subscription. An annual subscription allows travelers to be eligible for car rentals and hotel lodges booked through the Capital One Venture Rewards credit card, along with numerous other benefits.


  • 0% foreign transfer fees
  • Excellent rewards rate
  • Rental Collision damage
  • High sign-up bonus


  • Demands excellent credit score
  • Expensive fee

The Platinum Card from American Express

Similar to the Capital One Venture Rewards credit card, the platinum travel credit card is one of a kind for the best travel credit cards.

Aside from the $365 annual fee, the travel card is one of the best to utilize when talking about the flight reward rate, which is high compared to others in the competition.


  • Highest flight travel rewards rate
  • Emergency evacuation insurance


  • Super high fee
  • Takes extra efforts

Chase Sapphire Reserve Travel Credit Card

If you’re a frequent traveler who hits the road more often, you should use the Chase Sapphire Reserve card as a mode of payment for flights, hotels, dinner, and more.

You stand a chance to accumulate lots of cashback points using this card. With just a $300 annual fee, you stand to earn much more.

Additionally, you could earn about 60,000 bonus points when you spend about $4,000 within the space of 3 months of opening your account.


  • Earn transferable points to hotel and airline sectors
  • Massive welcome bonus
  • $300 cheap annual sign-up fee
  • Premium travel protection


  • High annual subscription
  • Demands high credit score

Blit World Elite World Mastercard

The Brim World Elite Mastercard is another excellent travel credit card designed to make transactions easier between different countries.

The credit card is designed with several benefits. It is highly recommended to individuals who often travel around the globe as it allows them to earn points whenever they make transactions.

Cardholders can earn 2 points for each transaction made, which can be exchanged for cash back once they reach 100 points. Since this card utilizes the Brim Open Rewards Program, users can earn 3 points for every $1 spent at participating partner brands.

On every purchase, points can be accumulated. The accelerated spend is, however, limited to an annual spend of $25,000 at most. Points will then be earned with a base value of one point for every dollar after that.


  • Advanced security
  • Exclusive insurance coverage
  • 2% cashback on each transaction
  • 0% charges on each transaction
  • Brim installment plans


  • High-income requirement of $80,000 per individual
  • High annual fee of $199, while most credit charges between $120 – $150

The Business Platinum Travel Credit Card

The Business Platinum Card is another excellent option for travelers who want a reliable card for their transactions during their trip.

The card comes with annual bonuses, although it has high fees. Cardholders who apply for the Business Platinum Travel Credit Card are eligible to receive 120,000 points once they spend $15,000 in the first 3 months of card membership.


  • Flexible spending limit
  • 120,000 welcome bonus
  • $695 annual fee.


  • Non-traveling members may waste bonuses
  • You may need to pay your balance each month

Alaska Airlines Visa Credit Cards

The Alaska Airlines Visa Credit is a type of card that stands out from the competition. The card program allows you to get a 70,000 sign-up bonus (a $99 fare with taxes + fees of $23) when you purchase about $3,000 and above within your first 3 months of the membership sign-up. However, its minimum annual fee is just a token of $95.


  • High membership bonus
  • Lowest annual fee of $95
  • 0% foreign transaction fee


  • Requires a perfect/excellent credit

Citi Premier Card

Citi Premier Card is your best option if you want to earn a bonus for every dollar you spend via your travel credit card. After the membership payment of $4,000 in the first 90 days, you are eligible for 60,000 points.

The card redeems 3 points for every dollar spent on your hotel lodge, air trip, gas station, restaurant, and supermarket purchases.


  • 0% foreign transaction fee
  • Flexible points redemption options


  • No travel or purchase protection
  • No intro APR offer

American Express Gold Card

The American Express Gold card is more than just good-looking by appearance. The card also offers some stunning offers that put smiles on the faces of travelers who make it their choice.

With a $250 annual subscription fee, specifically cheaper than other cards in the competition, you can enjoy this great card’s cumbersome deals. Additionally, if you could spend up to $4,000 using the card in the first 6 months, you can enjoy 60,000 points.


  • Support transfer of points
  • High chances of earning
  • Allows up to 5 authorized users without extra fees


  • No lounge benefits
  • High penalty fee


The top 8 travel credit cards in this article are guaranteed the best payment options that any frequent traveler can select in 2023. Based on their carefully cited details, cardholders can be rest assured of experiencing the highest level of minimized and beneficial payment.

Pearce Kibaale is a freelance writer, content creator, and Editor-in-Chief of Trip Dhow.