announces the top ten best retirement river cruises

Ask a new retiree what they plan on doing with their new leisure time, and chances are they will tell you a river cruise is high on their list.

Free at last from their work schedules, a river adventure is a great start to retirement., a site that helps baby boomers and millennials find their best retirement, has just published a list of the Top 10 Retirement River Cruises.

Among others, the choices include the familiar (steamboat down the Mississippi), the exotic (the Douro River in Portugal), the historic (retrace Lewis and Clark’s trip down the Columbia), and the adventurous (float through the Grand Canyon).

There are 3 domestic trips that made it to the top 10 river cruises. Seven are international, ranging from Europe’s Danube to the Mekong in Asia. Along with their selections, the popular website includes links to a wide range of companies that offer these type of tours.

Some are extremely luxurious, offering exceptional food and service, while others offer a more basic package where the local sights or adventure are the focus.

Why river cruises make great retirement itineraries

John Brady, Founder of, explained why river cruises make a great retirement adventure: “Too many people only consider the one or two cruise companies they have heard of, and leave a lot of possibilities on the table.”

“If they dig a little deeper, there is actually a wide universe of tour operators that can offer a much more tailored and tailored experience.” Some companies combine a bike or hiking adventure with a cruise, or have the option to time the trip to coincide with a local festival or optimum season.

Topretirements’ top ten

On really big rivers like the Mississippi, cruisers can explore a favorite portion of the river. Here are Topretirements’ 10 Best River Cruises for 2022

  • Mississippi
  • Columbia
  • Colorado
  • Danube
  • Rhine
  • Mekong
  • Portugal
  • European barge
  • Nile
  • Douro

To see the entire list with more detail on each trip and photos, see “10 Best Retirement River Cruises” at

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