Shared yacht tours with Xclusive Yachts to explore the Dubai Sea

One of the raving videos in the social world of TikTok and Instagram reels in the UAE now is Yacht Rental Dubai.

The top noted video featuring private yacht rental experience in Dubai has over 93K views and 2.9K interactions. People from all over the world are visiting Dubai not only to capture their best photos but to make TikTok videos and Instagram reels.

This rave has become a must-do challenge in Dubai now. On that note, the yachting industry has made competitive offers to attract visiting tourists as well as locals to embark into this top trending TikTok and Instagram reels to do videos.

An unforgettable luxurious social experience

This concept is getting popular as more influencers, bloggers, vloggers are showcasing it. Not only does it exhibit the best views of Dubai Skyline and luxury yachts and beaches but also depicts a luxurious or rather lavish-looking lifestyle.

Needless to say, the best part of it is that it doesn’t hurt their pockets.

Charter Arabia, Empire YachtsArabian YachtingYacht Rental Dubai are a few of the yacht rental companies in Dubai that offers private yacht charters apart from the top noted companies such as Xclusive Yachts.

The later company also offers shared yacht tours for small groups wanting to explore the Dubai Sea without having to hire a private yacht, but enjoy all luxuries associated with it.

Beating COVID-19 in the industry

While most countries banned tourist and other social activities, Dubai has kept its doors open. Dubai has since become one of the world’s first destinations to open up for tourism in the United Arab Emirates.

The government has set pressure on the country’s hospitality and tourism industry to encourage their employees on getting vaccinated to somehow help contain and protect everyone from the outbreak of COVID-19.

Vaccines were made available for everyone and vaccination centers spread all over the city. Accessible and with a vast number of health care practitioners to ensure a speedy vaccination process.

Although the cases have not reduced, the peak of tourism season is in full swing. This government effort has drastically increased the demands of Dubai locals and tourists’ excitement to embark on all sorts of outdoor activities.

Celebrities, social media influencers, and the likes are coming in and out of the country popping bottles of champagne on yachts. Brunches and sorts of parties all throughout the week. Hence the rise of TikTok and Instagram MUST-DO video challenge in Dubai.

The top trending influencer video on TikTok relating to the Yacht Rental Dubai challenge has reached 5.4M views with over 442K interactions.

Now you are ready to start your journey into this significant undertaking. Visit our blog to see more adventures you must experience.