Renogy launches its REGO Smart Solar System with powerful new capabilities for off-grid living


Renogy, the industry leader in off-grid and mobile energy, recently announced that its flagship smart solar system REGO is now widely available and capable of delivering even more power and control for off-grid living.

The latest advances in REGO are powered by its new monitoring and control system, Renogy ONE CORE, which provides powerful new capabilities such as enhanced Bluetooth connectivity and automated RV self-leveling.

What the new REGO system offers

Now off-grid enthusiasts can enjoy enhanced power, comfort and control from the industry’s easiest to install smart energy system.

The new REGO system will be featured at Overland Expo in Flagstaff, Arizona from May 19-21, 2023. Live demonstrations will show why REGO is the preferred choice for DIY’ers and professional installers alike.

Renogy portable-solar-car

It’s simply the most capable, easy to install, off-grid smart solar energy system. Expo attendees will be the first to see Renogy’s state-of-art demo van in action.

The custom Mercedes Sprinter van is designed with a custom interior to showcase just how easy it is to install and operate a REGO system.

“Our goal is to make off-grid travel accessible to everyone,” said Renogy CEO Yi Li.

“That’s why REGO solar energy systems are designed to be easy to install and take the guesswork out of generating your own power.”

“REGO delivers plenty of reliable power for lights and devices when off-grid and can be easily installed even by first timers.”

Why REGO is the best off-grid smart solar system

More Power

REGO Solar System

The REGO LIFEP04 battery has 400 AH capacity with a greater than 3800 cycle life. It’s fast charging, light weight and compact, and can be charged by solar, shore power or the vehicle’s engine.

REGO can be switched between charging modes with just the flip of a switch and offers bi-directional charging that keeps the starter battery charged even when off-grid.

It delivers unmatched power with the highest output 12V inverter on the market with 3000W of continuous output power.

Easy Installation

REGO is simple to install with fully integrated components that work together seamlessly and safely.


REGO components are truly plug-and-play with Anderson connectors that snap together without tools, significantly reducing installation time.

Smart Monitoring and Control

REGO is Bluetooth enabled and can be controlled with the Renogy DC Home smartphone app. The DC Home app provides real time monitoring of charge levels around the clock.

And when paired with Renogy ONE Core, you also can monitor and control inverters, charge controllers, connected devices and on-board energy usage from anywhere.

Expo Oveland

Only Renogy ONE Core provides automated vehicle self-leveling for the ultimate in off-grid comfort.

“REGO is my go-to solar energy system when I’m building out an adventure vehicle,” said Dan Grec of The Road Chose Me.

“It saves hours on installations, and I have the confidence of knowing that I have a system that’s powerful, safe and reliable for the most extreme overland adventures.”

Individual components for the REGO system are now available to purchase. For more information, please visit the website.