Ray Whitlow III challenges Guinness World Record with Himiway Cobra e-bike

Ray Whitlow III, a 59-year-old Himiway rider from Atlanta, Georgia, is embarking on a remarkable journey from North America to South America, riding the Himiway Cobra mountain bike. Supported by Himiway Bikes, Ray is set to challenge the Guinness World Record, showcasing the extraordinary capabilities of the Himiway Cobra.

Ray Whitlow III, a passionate cyclist, has already made impressive progress in his attempt to conquer the Guinness World Record. Currently, he has arrived in Cancun, Mexico, having covered a significant distance on his Himiway Cobra e-bike.

What is the inspiration behind challenge?

During a recent interview, Ray shared his excitement about this long-awaited adventure, saying, “Ever since I was a kid, I’ve always wanted to do this ride. Today, I’m 59, and it feels really great finally getting a start on it.”

Ray Whitlow III’s cycling route spans across the continents, beginning just north of Atlanta on the Silver Comet Trail. He will pass through various countries, including Mexico, Guatemala, Panama, Colombia, and Argentina, ultimately reaching his destination in Cartagena, Colombia. This challenging route covers a distance of over 20,000 miles, offering Ray an opportunity to explore diverse terrains and cultures.

Ray draws inspiration from notable figures like Michael Palin, the British comedian known for his travel logs, and Ewan McGregor, who undertook a similar journey on a Harley Davidson electric motorcycle. Their experiences fueled Ray’s determination to embark on this incredible adventure.

When asked about his choice of the Himiway Cobra e-bike, Ray explained, “My friend recommended his Himiway e-bikes to me, and I was impressed by the bike’s capacity and range, and that’s how the idea blossomed. The Himiway Cobra has been essential in making this journey possible.”

Himiway Cobra applauds Ray

Ray’s journey not only showcases his personal achievements but also serves as an inspiration to others. He encourages individuals to embrace their own cycling adventures, explore the outdoors, and push their limits.

Himiway, the trusted brand behind the Himiway Cobra, applauds Ray’s remarkable achievements and stands as his reliable backup throughout the journey. The company urges individuals to embrace the spirit of adventure and explore the outdoors, knowing that Himiway ebikes are there to support their journey.

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