Dr. Robert Jeffress presented with The Friends of Zion Award

The Friends of Zion Heritage Center and Museum in Jerusalem held an event in honor of Dr. Robert Jeffress, where he presented with the Friends of Zion Award by Nir Kimhi director of FOZ.

The Friends of Zion Award was commissioned by the late 9th President of Israel, and former international Chairman of FOZ, Shimon Peres.

Dr. Robert and the FOZ award

It has been given to over 22 world leaders, including former US President George Bush, former US President Donald Trump and former Vice President Mike Pence.

Dr. Robert Jeffress is Senior Pastor of the 16,000-member First Baptist Church, Dallas, Texas and a Fox News Contributor. He is also an adjunct professor at Dallas Theological Seminary.

Dr. Robert Jeffress thanked Dr. Mike Evans, FOZ Founder, for the prestigious award and said: “I  am  absolutely overwhelmed by receiving this prestigious award.”

“I was at the oval office with President Trump when he received his award, and I know how much it meant to the president.”

“I talked to Mike Pence last night and he sends his greetings. Pence told me it was the highest point of his career as well, receiving this prestigious award.”

“Never in a thousand years would I have dreamed that I, too, would receive this award. I thought the high point of my ministry was saying that opening prayer for the dedication of the embassy in Jerusalem, on that historic day.”

But this beats even that, so thank you so much for this prestigious honor. I truly believe It’s important to visit the friends of Zion Museum because it is a reminder of the link between Jews and gentiles.”

Dr. Robert Jeffress, Senior Pastor at First Baptist Church, Dallas, Texas

“You see how in key moments in history, gentiles stood with Israel whenever nations wanted to wipe Israel off the face of the earth”.

“My prayer is that USA will continue to be on the side of Israel. The bible shows us that he who is on the right side of Israel is on the right side of history, and most importantly, the right side of GOD”.

Thoughts from other executives

Dr. Mike Evans, FOZ Founder, said “I want to congratulate my dear friend, Dr. Robert Jeffress. He is without a doubt, one of the most influential evangelicals on the globe and without a doubt, one of the most pro Israel”.

Officer Assaf Schachar from the  border police : “I wanted to thank you, the Christians Zionist, for the contribution, assistance  and support  that you provide to FOZ”

The State of Israel is a democracy in which the education of our soldiers is an important and essential element.

“FOZ is the bridge between the thousands of soldiers who come here and realize how many Christian friends there are in the world who love Israel and  for how many years you have helped us and you continue to support the State of Israel and IDF”.

The Friends of Zion Heritage center was established in 2015, in the center of Israel’s capital Jerusalem, by founder Dr. Mike Evans, a number one best-selling author, and a Nobel Peace Prize nominee for a lifetime of combating antisemitism.

The Friends of Zion Heritage center is a Zionist platform dedicated to the fight against anti-Semitism and BDS, and concerns itself with bolstering awareness for the historical support of the Christian friends of Israel.

Their advanced Media Center holds dozens of events, activities, and press conferences in line with the  FOZ museum’s vision.