CampersDAO prepares to buy a real-world campground

The first Web3 camping community powered by blockchain technology has arrived as CampersDAO prepares to buy real-world RV parks and provide exclusive access and community governance to its parks, camping perks, and community through a blockchain-based membership coming on Earth Day, April 22, 2023.

Executive take

“We’re building a community of RV enthusiasts by merging blockchain technology with the great outdoors,” Travis John, CampersDAO founder, said with conviction. RVing has been John’s passion for years, from weekend getaways to year-long camping adventures with his wife and kids.

“My experience building Web2 product and service businesses, Web3 blockchain projects, and real estate have also prepared me to lead such an ambitious mission,” says John.

John continues, “We started this company with a common goal: to buy top-rated RV resorts, offer a unique campground membership experience, and build a member-led community unlike any other.”

“Even though there are thousands of RV parks in the United States, many are run-of-the-mill campgrounds only good for plugging in your RV, resting, and recharging.”

“The beauty of our decentralized, community-governed model is that it puts our members in control of buying and operating top-rated RV parks based on what matters most to them.”

“We’re using blockchain technology to change how campground memberships work,” added John. “CampersDAO members will be our advisory board and help us decide which RV parks to buy and how to run them.”

Camping perks and privileges

Members will also receive a range of camping perks, privileges, and experiences, including access to a Web3 camping community, discounts on camping gear, invitations to special events and activities, and the opportunity to contribute to the company’s operations and get paid for their participation.

The CampersDAO’s two Genesis memberships, the Trailblazer Membership and the Pioneer Membership, will be the only way to get into the company’s DAO. The project is launching with 8,000 Trailblazer Memberships and 2,000 Pioneer Memberships.

Like any other organization, a significant acquisition, like an RV park, requires funding. The money from membership sales will pay for the community’s first campground and provide ongoing support for the company run by the community. This shows how powerful a decentralized community can be.