Bali Safari Park: Preserving the majestic pig-nosed turtle

Join Bali Safari Park and the Papua Natural Resources Conservation Center on a mission to protect and preserve the majestic pig-nosed turtle (Carettochelys insculpta).

Witness their extraordinary journey from Bali to Papua, guided by Bali Safari Park’s unwavering commitment. This inspiring endeavor showcases the importance of cultural heritage, biodiversity preservation, and Bali Safari Park’s leadership in conservation.

Revitalized species

Witness the Odyssey of the Pig-nosed Turtle: In 2015, Bali Safari Park became home to 2,341 pig-nosed turtles rescued by the Bali Natural Resources Conservation Agency.

These tiny, injured turtles found refuge in Bali Safari Park, where a dedicated team nurtured them. Overcoming challenges, the turtles grew to an average size of 18-30 cm. By 2022, their population stood at around 900 individuals.

Championing Conservation and Relocation: In May 2023, Bali Safari Park, supported by the Natural Resources Conservation Agency and PT Freeport Indonesia, relocated 500 pig-nosed turtles from Bali to Papua.

This milestone marked a significant achievement in preserving this endangered species, highlighting Bali Safari Park’s commitment to conservation.

Turtles hold deep cultural symbolism

A Noble Quest for Preservation: Releasing the turtles into their natural habitat allows them to thrive and maintain the ecological balance. Classified as an endangered species by the International Union for Conservation of Nature (IUCN), the pig-nosed turtles play a vital role in preserving biodiversity.

These turtles hold deep cultural symbolism, representing Indonesia’s rich heritage. A Triumph of Hope: The successful relocation of 500 pig-nosed turtles from Bali to Papua is a testament to Bali Safari Park’s dedication.

Drh. Kadek Kesuma, the Curator of Bali Safari Park, expressed hope for the turtles’ breeding success in their natural habitat. Through collaboration with the Bali Natural Resources Conservation Center, PT Freeport Indonesia, and government support, Bali Safari Park provides a new chance for these majestic creatures to flourish.

Unleash the Explorer Within: Discover Bali Safari Park’s inspiring conservation initiatives and embark on a journey of support. Visit the website to learn how you can be a part of preserving our natural treasures and making a difference in wildlife conservation.”